Polygenic Risk Scores
Polygenic Rick Scores
November 22, 2023

An Introduction to Polygenic Risk Scores: Aggregating Small Genetic Effects to Stratify Disease Risk

Key Takeaways: Polygenic risk scores aggregate the effects of thousands of genetic variants to estimate…
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Clinical Trials vs. Real-World
Clinical Trials
November 21, 2023

Clinical Trials vs. Real-World Data: Understanding the Differences and Complementary Roles

Key Takeaways: Clinical trials are controlled experiments designed to evaluate safety and efficacy of new…
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drug response data
November 10, 2023

Bridging the Gap: How AI Companies in the TechBio Space are Revolutionizing Biopharma using Genomics and Drug Response Data

Introduction Innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have propelled pharmaceutical companies to revolutionize their approaches to…
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EHR Data
October 17, 2023

Claims Data vs EHRs: Distinct but United in Real-World Research

In healthcare research, real-world data from patients is invaluable for gaining insights into disease patterns,…
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